How To Know If You Have Cold Feet Or If They’re Maybe Just Not The Right Person For You To Tie The Knot With

Signs Of Cold Feet

The main sign that you are just suffering from cold feet is if your doubts, worries, and anxiety are primarily centered around the wedding itself rather than your partner. You may feel like the logistics of your wedding are too much to handle or as though coordinating with vendors is beyond stressful.

While these are all valid concerns, they don’t necessarily mean that you are not ready to be with your partner. Instead, these feelings just represent how mentally draining planning a big event– like a wedding– can be.

So, to discern if this is how you are feeling, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on the root of your anxiety. If you realize that the idea of your wedding day stresses you out, but the thought of spending the rest of your life with your partner afterward calms you down, then you are likely just having some cold feet.

Another sign that you might have cold feet is if you catch yourself comparing your relationship to other couples or even idealizing your old, single life.

It is completely normal to feel envious of other people’s relationships, especially if they appear to be happier or more exciting than yours. (Thanks a lot, social media.)

However, if you catch yourself daydreaming about being single again– or simply focusing on all the negative aspects of your relationship– it is worth examining why you’re feeling this way.

Are you just experiencing a bad case of FOMO? Or are you truly unhappy with your partner and the idea of building a life together?

If you feel like you genuinely love your partner and find fulfillment in your relationship, then you may just be suffering some temporary feelings regarding fear of commitment. And rest assured– this does not mean you should not proceed with tying the knot.

Signs Of Serious Doubts

On the other hand, if your doubts stretch beyond pre-wedding jitters and suggest that you might not be ready to marry your partner, it is crucial that you pay attention to these signals.

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