If You Want To Switch Up Your Easter Egg Hunt This Year, She Has A New Family Tradition For You

The video then cuts to a flock of kids streaming outside from the house and scrambling to pick up as many pieces as possible.

Mel Marie disclosed in a comment that her family always makes sure to get the kids’ favorite types of candy so that not one morsel will be left on the ground. Several TikTok users were fascinated by this idea, and some even vowed to incorporate it into their holiday next year.

“We do ‘candy rain’ so someone will get on the roof and just go crazy throwing candy for the kids,” shared one user.

“This is a great idea!!! The eggs are an extra cost and just go to waste! Next Easter stealing this idea!!” exclaimed another.

“I would show up with a mini gardening tool to scoop everything up,” commented a third.

Nobody will miss the traditional egg hunt after experiencing all that fun! Will you be doing this for Easter?


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