I’m Sure You Know What The Honeymoon Stage Is, But He’s Explaining The Other 2 Stages Of A Relationship That You Might Not Know About

Vera - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Falling in love is easy, but being in a committed relationship takes work. So if you want to learn how to navigate the ups and downs of a relationship, then you’re in the right place.

A relationship coach named Brian (@awakeningwithbrian) is on TikTok explaining the lesser-known stages in a relationship and how to tell if you’re in that stage.

So there are three stages to all relationships, and 90 percent of them either fail during stage two or become stuck in stage two.

The first phase is the honeymoon stage, which is probably a concept you’re already familiar with. The honeymoon stage is typically the most fun and exciting part of a relationship.

It’s when couples are just beginning to learn about each other. There are lots of dates, lots of laughs, and lots of affection. But during this stage, you’re not revealing the full version of yourself.

“It doesn’t mean that this is completely fake. It’s just massively distorted where you’re only sharing the socially acceptable parts of yourselves,” said Brian

And like all honeymoons, your facade will fade over time. When the excitement starts to lessen, you’re on your way to entering stage two, and that’s where things get brutally honest. Stage two of the relationship is where all your unresolved childhood traumas surface.

“This stage of the relationship particularly kicks in strong after real commitment has been made to each other. That can look like getting married, or living together, or being together for six-plus months,” Brian elaborated.

Stage two is what Brian has deemed “the relationship loop of doom.” Here’s how the cycle begins. Usually, one partner gets triggered first, whether it’s work-related stress or feeling ashamed about something.

Vera – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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