I’m Sure You Know What The Honeymoon Stage Is, But He’s Explaining The Other 2 Stages Of A Relationship That You Might Not Know About

This will cause them to engage in behavior patterns they learned from childhood that helps them cope with negative feelings. And that could include finding distractions or distancing themselves from their partner.

As a result, their partner is now feeling triggered by the lack of attention and love, which could lead to them constantly doling out criticism, projecting emotion, or becoming more controlling. Basically, they’re expressing loud emotions because they don’t feel heard.

In the end, the couple winds up triggering each other back and forth and practicing their harmful behavior patterns more strongly the more they get triggered, leading their relationship into a downward spiral.

Very few relationships make it past the loop of doom and into stage three. And the ones that do have to do a ton of healing to get there.

“They learn to begin looking at their childhood, where they learned all these negative behavior patterns. They learn to be more accountable for themselves and begin the steps of healing and growing,” explained Brian.

Finally, there’s stage three, which is a spiritual partnership all about acceptance, compassion, and understanding. Brian calls it “the awakening.” It’s when you both realize you’re in each other’s lives for the purpose of growth.

You may still have moments of conflict, but now, you’re aware of your triggers and don’t try to make it your partner’s responsibility to make you feel better.


There are three stages to all relationships, most relationships fail during stage two and most relationships are stuck in stage two. follow along as you learn what makes relationships succeeded versus fail. #relationshipadvice

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