I’m Truly Sorry If It Broke Your Heart, But You Should Never Regret Falling In Love With Someone’s Potential

At the same token, a seemingly high potential is not enough to drive a person forward. You might have even been right: the person you fell in love with may have very well escaped a bad circumstance, bettered themselves as a person, achieved self-love, or reached their goals.

Unfortunately, though, your hunch was never the deciding factor. In order for someone to learn, grow, be confident, and achieve more in their life, they have to want it. And they have to want it bad enough that they make the changes necessary.

It is impossible to know if a person will reach this turning point, a “rock bottom” that sends them into overdrive while they start to finally realize some of that potential.

On the flip side, it is equally impossible to know if, when a person reaches their lowest point, they just accept it. When you truly love someone, this can be a hard pill to swallow. You see them for who you think they really are. And in your heart, you may be entirely sure that they can do better, feel better, be better.

But sadly, your unwavering belief in a person is just not enough. And falling in love with potential that never comes close to reaching fruition can be heartbreaking. If you have been through a similar experience, you may feel as though you made a mistake, like your investment of time, energy, and love was wasted.

I am here to tell you, though, that falling in love with potential is perhaps the most unbelievable form of care we can achieve. You were able to connect and relate with someone– place your trust, faith, and belief in someone– without seeing any tangible indicators in the here and now.

Some may call that naive or ludicrous, but I believe that is the test of true care. You saw past the downfalls, the flaws, and the faults in someone– characteristics that every single person has as a human. Then, you still managed to see the good and provide unconditional love.

As we know, this is a risky endeavor. And if it did not end how you imagined, I am truly sorry. But you should never regret the love you showed someone when you saw their potential. After all, you just loved the best in someone and wanted them to see the best parts of themselves, too.

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