It Broke His Heart When His Daughter Said The Kids At School Are Making Fun Of What She Eats At Lunch, So This Dad Took Matters Into His Own Hands And Began Packing Her Lunches Himself

prostooleh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Kids getting bullied or teased for the food they bring to school for lunch is still a common issue these days. It’s especially difficult for diverse children, who try to eat food at lunch that is specific to their cultural heritage. They can get picked on for the food’s smell, look, etc. 

One man began switching his lunch with his daughter’s after kids at school started bullying her for the food she ate. His wife is not at all pleased.

He and his wife, Sara, have an 11-year-old daughter named Lilly. Sara is Indian, and the entire family enjoys the tasty Indian dishes she makes.

She’s always packed Indian food for Lilly to take to school, typically rice and dal. Lilly’s had no issues with her lunches during elementary school, but things have changed now that she’s in middle school. 

Recently, she’s been coming home from school in shambles, crying over how kids have been mean to her and making fun of her lunches.

He says seeing his daughter cry over this issue broke his heart, especially because he went through something similar as a kid whenever he would bring traditional Chinese food with him for lunch. 

Although Lilly didn’t want the issue to be reported to the school so she wouldn’t be seen as a “snitch,” Sara called the principal. She then told Lilly to keep her chin up and ignore the bullies. Sara also refused to pack a different lunch or give her money for school lunches.

Yet Lilly’s torment at school continued, and she’d return home feeling defeated. They tried talking with her about embracing and being proud of her cultural heritage and called the school a few more times, but that wasn’t working.

At the most, the school talked with a few parents, but it wasn’t effective. Things at home continued to get tense, as Sara would occasionally yell at Lilly in frustration when she didn’t finish her food.

prostooleh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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