Jellyfish Parenting Has Been Rising In Popularity, And Here’s Your Guide To What Exactly It Means

Jellyfish parenting has a lot of benefits. For instance, jellyfish parents build deeper connections with their kids because they communicate and have empathy for them, putting their kids’ pleasure above their own.

This parenting style also results in more confident, independent children. Since they are permitted to make their own judgments and pursue their passions/interests, they have competent decision-making abilities and a strong sense of self.

Jellyfish parenting does have its disadvantages, though. With the absence of restrictions and guidelines, children who have complete freedom may find it difficult to maintain self-control.

In addition, parents may have a harder time enforcing boundaries and disciplining children when they act up. And when kids are the ones in the driver’s seat and aren’t used to hearing the word ‘no,’ they may struggle with adapting to routines in school.

As a result, this parenting style could lead to having a negative influence on a child’s emotional growth. Of course, jellyfish parenting has its pros and cons, but it’s possible to strike a balance between being too controlling and relaxed.

The permissive style may not be for every family, but some of its elements are beneficial for children. So take a page from the jellyfish parenting playbook and work with your child to find a balance that’s a good fit for everyone.

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