Her Sister Moved In With Her After Having Issues With Her College Roommates, But After Her Sister Said She Couldn’t Babysit For Her One Afternoon, She Kicked Her Out And Said She Could Find Somewhere Else To Live

AnnaDemy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Finding a replacement babysitter after having a great one for so long is extremely stressful for parents. An ideal scenario would be for a family member to babysit. 

One woman had a massive argument with her younger sister when she refused to babysit for her even though they all live under the same roof. 

She’s 30-years-old and lives with her husband, their five-year-old son, and her 22-year-old sister. Her sister is a college student who moved in with them three months ago after having issues with her roommates. 

 “She doesn’t work, but my parents send her some money for textbooks and groceries, although she barely ever has contributed to the household since she moved in with us,” she said about her sister. 

She and her husband work, and neither of them returns home until at least 5:00 pm. However, their son gets home from school around 3:00 pm, so they hired a babysitter.

Tragically, their babysitter has recently fallen ill and needs various treatments, so she will not be taking care of their son anymore. 

Desperate for a new sitter, she asked if her sister could help take care of her son because she doesn’t have a class scheduled between 3:00-5:00 pm. She asked her very nicely, considering she didn’t move in with them to become a babysitter.

However, one would think that she would babysit since her sister did her a big favor by letting her live at her house. 

“She told me she can’t babysit because sometimes she has to go to the library or to study with friends, and babysitting would limit her hours of studying,” she recalled. “I got angry, maybe too angry.”

AnnaDemy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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