On A Date With A Guy, She Accidentally Broke His Family’s Heirloom Mirror

Viorel Sima - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some first dates are great and go on to become fond memories. But others make you cringe at the mere thought of them, even years later.

TikToker Evie (@evmariexo) is sharing the story of the most embarrassing date she’s ever been on. We’ll call it the mirror mishap.

She met a guy on Tinder, and it turned out that they had actually gone to the same school and had a lot of mutual friends. After talking for a while, they decided to meet at a bar.

So they met up and ordered a few drinks. But after hanging out together at the bar for a bit, Evie didn’t see herself in a long-term relationship with this guy.

Nevertheless, she still decided to go back to his place with him. And it’s worth mentioning that she was quite tipsy.

Upon entering his apartment, it led right into the living room. To get to the bedroom, you had to turn down a long, narrow hallway. And at the end of the hallway, a giant mirror was leaning against the wall, looking pretty out of place in his apartment.

“It looked very old, very antique, and it was huge. It was very strange that he had this in his apartment. It did not seem like it matched any of the stuff that he had. The apartment was very much like a bro pad,” Evie recalled.

However, she didn’t think much of it at the time and assumed it was something his mom had bought for him.

While he was in the bathroom, Evie decided to make herself comfortable. She was wearing sandals with straps and wanted to take them off.

Viorel Sima – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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