Researchers Uncovered The Role That Gut Bacteria Plays In The Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy Among Pancreatic Cancer Patients

The researchers detailed how 3-IAA is produced in the gut after amino acids interact with an acid known as tryptophan– which is found in various types of food. So, additional tests with the cancerous mouse models showed that raising the amount of food consumed– which contained this acid– may help chemotherapy.

While trying to ascertain why higher levels of 3-IAA enabled chemotherapy to be more effective, the researchers found that the molecules’ presence led to the modulation of neutrophils– a type of immune cell.

So, the team concluded that 3-IAA is “a key amplifier” of the chemotherapy response. They suggested that gut microbes can help in the fight against cancer by sending chemicals to remote tumors via the bloodstream– where they boost chemotherapy chemicals by stirring the immune system into action.

To read the study’s complete findings, visit the link here.

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