Revenge Makeup Is Trending On TikTok, And Here’s What It Is

Daria Minaeva - - illustrative purposes only

It seems that every day more beauty tips, tricks, and trends pop up on TikTok by the dozen. For example, vanilla girl makeup, glazed donut nails, and the “clean” makeup look are just a few.

So it can’t be denied that TikTok is the place to go when you need a source of inspiration. Recently, a new makeup trend has emerged, and it’s called “revenge makeup.”

There’s nothing better than revenge, and here’s what it looks like on TikTok.

The first thing that came to mind when I encountered this “revenge makeup” trend on TikTok was Princess Diana’s iconic “revenge dress.”

You all know it–a black, off-the-shoulder, form-fitting evening gown–worn on the night that the news of Prince Charles’ infidelity was announced on national TV almost 30 years ago.

Just like Princess Di’s revenge dress, revenge makeup is a way of getting back at your ex by looking so good that you’re essentially taking revenge on them.

If your ex did you dirty, come out of the other side stronger by getting glammed up and morphing into your hottest self. It’s been said that this makeup look will have your ex crawling back to you in a heartbeat.

So how does one do revenge makeup? There aren’t any exact rules to follow when it comes to this trend. It’s mostly about what makes you feel the most confidence and at your absolute best.

Some common elements include darkly lined eyes, bold red lips, a generous amount of highlighter, and dramatic contouring to give you that “facelift.” But if a red lip isn’t you, feel free to adjust the formula to something else.

Daria Minaeva – – illustrative purposes only

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