She Accused Her Friend Of Pushing People Away By Only Ever Talking About Her Kid

Andrii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old woman has a 23-year-old friend named Ann, who wound up getting pregnant after a one-night stand.

And unfortunately, the father of Ann’s baby did not want to be involved. So, her friend has been a single mother ever since.

Ann’s daughter, Kate, is now 2-years-old. And she claims to adore babysitting the little toddler.

“But she is all Ann cares about now,” she said.

Apparently, Ann often cancels meet-ups with friends because of Kate. And while she understands that things come up sometimes, she thinks her friend does it way too much.

Plus, Ann always provides reasons for canceling that she doesn’t really think are valid. For instance, “Kate is being really clingy today,” or, “Kate really wants to visit the zoo.”

Then, even during the hangouts her friend does show up to, Ann reportedly only ever talks about her daughter.

In fact, she claimed that Ann is constantly showing her a ton of pictures and discussing Kate’s sleeping habits, eating habits, diaper content, favorite songs, and all of that.

So, even though she is interested in hearing about Kate, she feels like if she does not stop her friend Ann, then Ann will drone on for hours.

Andrii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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