She Actually Told Her Mother-In-Law That She Doesn’t Like The Food That She Cooks, And Then Her Mother-In-Law Accused Her Of Not Being Grateful

“Each time she offers me food, I always make up some kind of excuse to avoid eating it and try to be as polite as possible about it,” she explained. 

Things have gotten more difficult for her after becoming pregnant. She wanted to avoid eating over at her mother-in-law’s house as much as possible since her food makes her nauseous in her condition.

She worried that if she had to continue eating her mother-in-law’s food so early in her pregnancy, she would get sick at the dinner table. 

Her husband, who grew up on his mother’s food, doesn’t think it’s that bad and became frustrated whenever she refused it. 

Recently, her distaste for the food was revealed, and her mother-in-law was extremely upset when she found out. 

She called her mother-in-law directly after having been invited to her house for dinner again and told her that because she’s pregnant and not accustomed to the food she makes, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to stomach it.

She offered to teach her how to make some dishes from her home country, but it was too late. Her mother-in-law was too upset, told her she was ungrateful and said she’d never cook for her or her husband ever again.

A couple of days passed, and she felt awful for making her mother-in-law angry. However, she did not want to go on pretending that she liked their food for the rest of her marriage.

So, she decided to reach out to her again and invited her to tea.

At tea, she apologized to her mother-in-law, telling her that just because she doesn’t like her food, it doesn’t take away from how much she loves her as a person. 

“She took it extremely well this time and apologized for insulting me,” she recalled.

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