She Called Out Her Late Dad’s Girlfriend And Family On Facebook After They Blocked Her, Changed The Locks On Her Dad’s House, Took His Possessions Without Telling Her, And Claimed To Be Her Dad’s Biological Family

“She also took a lot of my father’s possessions without telling us.”

Quite frankly, though, that was not even the worst part. Instead, there were actually articles about her father’s death being posted online, listing the girlfriend’s children as her father’s kids.

And honestly, it was very hurtful for her to see someone else being called her father’s daughter rather than her.

Still, she opted not to say anything until a new article came out recently. At that point, she just couldn’t hold her tongue any longer– especially because people kept reposting and sharing the article.

So, she decided to post a long and heartfelt message on social media revealing how her father’s girlfriend and the girlfriend’s family had both destroyed her father’s home and stolen all of his belongings while claiming to be his true family.

“I do not want to take away how much someone may have loved and cared for my father, but to claim him as your own father is incredibly disrespectful after the damage you have caused to his family,” the post read.

“You refused to help with the basement and let his prized possessions get ruined. Things that I could have remembered my father by are now ruined. Please do not speak on my father’s behalf.”

Now, even though her father’s girlfriend and the kids had blocked her on social media, they wound up seeing her post. And afterward, they freaked out on her.

She got accused of being “disgusting” and was told she should have spoken to them privately first.

But she pointed out how that was impossible since everyone had blocked her. Plus, she explained her reasoning for posting online.

“I have done everything I could to help them while they just took and took from me,” she vented.

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