She Calls This Recipe “Lazy Lasagna,” And It’s Perfect For When You Don’t Have A Ton Of Time To Invest In Making Dinner

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As a mom, serving balanced nutritious meals is a part of the job. But trying to make dinner interesting, healthy, and compatible with everyone’s tastes each night is an overwhelming task.

TikToker Melissa (@bestfriendsforfrosting) is a mom of two, so she understands the struggle of trying to find a suitable meal to feed her picky kids. It’s even tougher to deal with after a long day at work.

So today, Melissa is introducing a lasagna recipe that will make the life of a working mom much easier. Lasagnas are typically time-consuming to make, especially if you’re creating them from scratch.

But this is no ordinary lasagna. Melissa calls it the “lazy lasagna.” It’s such an ingenious idea; you’ll wish you had thought of it earlier! And there’s no way the kids will turn up their noses at it.

The lazy lasagna requires only three ingredients. You’ll need a jar of pasta sauce, frozen ravioli, and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Also, feel free to add some extra fixings between each of the layers to make it your own. Ground beef, spinach, grated carrots, and zucchini work well.

To start, fill the bottom of a glass baking dish with some of your favorite pasta sauce. Next, layer the frozen ravioli on top.

There’s no need to cook the ravioli beforehand. Just toss them in frozen! Pour more sauce, then spread it out evenly.

Sprinkle copious amounts of mozzarella cheese and layer more ravioli on top. Add another coating of sauce and finish it off with mozzarella.

Anikonaann – – illustrative purposes only

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