She Cut Up A $2,100 Prada Jumpsuit To Create Something Unique To Wear For A Runway Show

“Do you get into trouble with the Prada designer who made the jumpsuit? I love your version more!! inquired a third.

Others responded to her DIY project with criticism, not understanding why she would ruin an expensive high-end article of clothing.

“The idea was good but the cutting was way too messy. Looks cheap now,” one user disapproved.

“Cutting Prada? I just cried in poor,” chimed in another.

“Why wouldn’t you cut up a normal shirt to achieve this look…instead of Prada,” lamented someone else.

In the comments section, Madeleine clarified that she checked with the brand before making any alterations. She had also purchased the garment herself, so it was not gifted to her by Prada.

In general, most of the comments were positive, and the overall feedback was that Madeleine had greatly improved the jumpsuit since some pointed out that it was “giving District 13” at first. And I can definitely see where they’re coming from!

What do you think about the new and improved jumpsuit?


Playing it safe was not on the agenda for @prada day ? #grwm #ootd #diyfashion #milanfashionweek

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