She Decided To Brag About Her Boyfriend On Social Media On Their Anniversary, But A Friend Reached Out And Accused Her Of Making Other People Question Their Own Relationships

Asier - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 18-year-old girl recently celebrated her anniversary with her 21-year-old boyfriend. So, she decided to post and “brag” about the anniversary gifts she received on social media.

For years, she claimed that she had watched all of her friends brag about their boyfriends and relationships. And on her anniversary, she got pretty excited and wanted to show her own boyfriend off a bit, too.

In the past, she had seen her friends posting pictures of rose petals and gifts from their boyfriends or videos of them making out. She also watched as her friends bragged about their partners being attractive.

So, on her anniversary, she decided to post about her boyfriend’s unique baked goods– which were heart-shaped brownies with sugar bones inside– as well as the other gifts he got her.

On the photos, she also included a few captions.

“Have you ever had three batches of heart-shaped brownies made for you, and you got to go digging for bones with shovels for spoons?” she wrote.

“Or were you given flowers that ‘represent your beauty and unique features because roses are too basic and don’t match up’ for you to grow and help flourish?” she continued.

“Or were you given hand-stitched dolls of yourself by him because you have body dysmorphia, and he’s trying to help you see what he sees? But you also drew him a poster of himself in the style of his favorite cartoon with his favorite characters, so he made merch?”

Now, she claimed that her boyfriend was aware of what she planned to post and was actually really happy about it. In fact, she recalled how he actually wanted her to do it and loved the captions.

Asier – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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