She Explained How She Found Out That Her Baby Daddy Was Cheating On Her, And It All Came Down To A Gut Feeling

Farknot Architect - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

TikToker Chloe Matterson (@chloematterson) is detailing the story of how she found out that the father of her child was cheating on her.

At the time he cheated, she had just turned 23-years-old and given birth to her 4-month-old son. So for context, her son’s father was a professional soccer player, and Chloe was an executive assistant.

She left her job, family, and friends behind in Australia to move with him to Canada for his job.

As a soccer player, her son’s father often traveled, particularly to the U.S. Around the time her son turned 4-months-old, she had a funny feeling that something wasn’t right; her relationship didn’t feel secure.

Chloe went through his social media accounts regularly since she didn’t feel like she could trust him. She would look at his recent followers and check each girl’s page to see if she was in the same state he traveled to.

While perusing his Instagram, she discovered the woman he was cheating with. She had seen this girl before but was unsure about her because she wasn’t located in the same state as her ex. But one afternoon, while her ex went to the barbershop, she got the urge to contact her.

So Chloe messaged her, asking if she knew her son’s father. The girl told Chloe the exact details of when and how she met him, which was at a bar.

However, he was with a different girl that night, not the one Chloe had messaged. The girl sent Chloe the other girl’s Instagram, and Chloe then contacted her.

They ended up speaking on the phone, and the girl spilled all the details of her time with Chloe’s ex to Chloe. Afterward, Chloe called her friends and family to break the news.

Farknot Architect – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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