She Explained To Her Boyfriend That He’s No Longer Going To Be The First Person She Calls In Case Of An Emergency Since He Has Let Her Down So Many Times, But Then They Got Into A Fight And Broke Up Over This

When he almost became homeless, she gave him a place to live. When she found out he was in a car accident, she ditched all her other responsibilities to be with him.

Whenever he messed up or broke essential items like his phone or car, she was there to help him replace them. 

He felt hurt when she told him he was no longer the first person she’d call. He then thought of every lame excuse he could to throw things back in her face, like comparing him not answering her emergency phone calls to her not sending him a ‘good morning’ text every day. 

He then told her that his job was more important to him than she is. That’s when she decided it was time to end things. 

“I’m leaving the country in about a week for a vacation, and my plan is to have him move out while I’m gone,” she said. “I don’t think after this I will try to be in another relationship for a while.”

Now, she will focus on taking the best care of herself that she can. It sounds like her relationship with him would have gotten really old, really fast. 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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