She Forced Her Teen Daughter To Remove The “Do Not Disturb” Feature On Her Phone Because Her Daughter Kept Going MIA 

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This woman’s 16-year-old daughter always has her phone on “do not disturb.” And in the beginning, this really was not an issue because her daughter would always answer her calls and texts while out at practice.

Over the past few weeks, though, her daughter stopped answering her texts and calls out of the blue. Then, when she asked why this was happening, her daughter just claimed she was not getting them.

“I am not stupid,” she said. “Her phone is on do not disturb, and none of my texts and calls are going through.”

Whenever this happened, she would have to ask her older children to reach out and see if they could reach her daughter. But, no matter if they called, texted, or FaceTimed, her 16-year-old just would not answer.

And after this happened again this past weekend, she was furious.

It all began when her daughter had to go to an event at school. But then, once she arrived to pick up her daughter, her daughter reportedly went MIA. The do not disturb feature was on again, and none of her messages were going through.

So, she started to get pretty frustrated. And by the time her daughter finally got into the car, she told her daughter that she needed to start answering. After all, there was no reason for her daughter to be ignoring her if she was supposed to pick her daughter up.

At that point, though, the teen tried to just give her the “Oh, I didn’t see it” excuse again. But that was her final straw, and she ended up just screaming at her daughter.

“None of us are able to easily get ahold of you! Something that normally takes two minutes takes 20 or more since we can’t seem to get you to answer the phone!” she yelled.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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