She Honestly Thought She Knew How She Would React After Her Boyfriend Proposed, But She Ended Up Crying And Ruining Her Makeup

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I’ll admit it. I am one of those women who likes to daydream about what her future marriage proposal will look like. I don’t think I’m alone in this! A lot of us love to imagine how our partners will decide to pop the question. 

Tons of women who have been in long-term relationships like to think they can plan in advance exactly how they’ll react when they get proposed to, what they’ll be wearing, how their nails will look, etc. But in reality, a lot of times, it’s a moment that takes them completely off-guard. 

One TikTok user who recently got engaged made a hilarious video about how she thought she would react to her boyfriend proposing versus how she actually reacted. 

Delila Kvakic (@delilava), a TikTok creator based in Vienna, Austria, got engaged to her boyfriend this past September, and she seems so happy.

Someone filmed her reaction to her boyfriend popping the question, and let’s just say it was not what she expected. 

In her video, she opens it by recreating how she thought she would look when her boyfriend got down on one knee.

She can be seen elegantly smiling, gently wiping away one tear from her eye, and cutely posing while the ring is placed on her finger.

Then, she hard cuts to actual footage after she was proposed to.

Delila is seen wearing a white dress with tears all over her face and smudged mascara running down her cheeks! She looks exhausted from all the happy emotions she was feeling and can be seen looking at the camera in blissful disbelief. 

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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