She Interviewed A Group Of Children And Asked If They Would Rather Have $1 Million Dollars Or 1 Million Social Media Followers, And The Answers They Gave Are Surprising

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Street interviews have made their mark on TikTok. They’re entertaining and are a convenient way to gather different perspectives about various topics.

TikToker and entrepreneur Chaymae Samir (@chaymaesamir) conducts street interviews with willing participants.

Recently, she interviewed a group of three young boys in London, asking them if they’d rather have a million dollars or a million followers on social media.

Each of the boys chose one million followers over the large sum of cash. As a result, the video went viral, gaining over four million views.

In the video, the boys explained why they decided to pick the followers instead of the money.

“Because if you get the one million followers, you eventually get more and more explained the first boy. “And then those followers might give you donations and stuff. And eventually, it’ll add up to more than one million.”

“You could start a business, and because you have one million followers, now you could just put a link in your bio,” the second boy reasoned.

“They can click on to it and buy products over one pound, which means you’ll earn over one million pounds or dollars.”

Chaymae then asked the second boy if he thought every one of his followers would purchase something from him. He responded that not all of them would; it would depend on how much money you’re selling the products for.

Alex – – illustrative purposes only

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