She Refused To Move Back Home To Help Her Younger Sister With Her Newborn Twins But Is Starting To Feel Bad About It

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This 26-year-old woman has a younger sister named Sadie, who is 19-years-old. But they are not exactly close.

Apparently, Sadie has newborn twins named Iris and Laila and lives in Canada; meanwhile, she moved to England a few years ago to attend her dream university and wound up staying there after marrying her husband, Lewis. So, she and Sadie do not talk very often.

Still, she is currently struggling to balance her own life with the needs of her younger sister and the rest of their family.

Sadie wound up getting pregnant at just 18 while dating her boyfriend, Tyler.

Tragically, though, Sadie had a difficult start to motherhood after Tyler and his sister got into a car accident just a few months following the pregnancy announcement. Neither of them survived the accident, so Sadie lost her boyfriend and the father of her twins.

And obviously, her younger sister was devastated throughout the rest of the pregnancy with the twins.

“My parents were luckily there to help Sadie out,” she recalled.

After Sadie’s twins were born, though, more tragic events continued to unfold. At that point, she and Sadie’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer due to smoking– which only added more stress to their family.

Her mom was also forced to help out her dad a lot. And due to that, her mom did not have as much time to help Sadie out with the twins.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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