She Repeatedly Told Her Boyfriend Not To Take A Picture Of Her When They Were Just Hanging Out At Home, And He Accused Her Of Needing To Take “A Class On Confidence”

So, her boyfriend actually compared her to his friend’s girlfriend– telling her to look at how his friend’s girlfriend was smiling.

Now, she realized that the other girlfriend looked beautiful in the picture– especially because she was out at the time and obviously well put together.

On the other hand, though, she and her boyfriend were at home. He was drunk, she wasn’t, and she just was not expecting a photo of their hangout.

But, rather than accepting that, her boyfriend decided to bring up the whole incident a few hours later.

At that point, he once again asked why she did not just show her face in the picture. So, she was forced to explain for a second time that she simply did not want to. She did not feel or look her best at the time and didn’t think she would be required to be in a photo.

Her boyfriend just brought up his friend’s girlfriend again, though, and kept telling her to look at the other girlfriend.

“And I told him she looked great,” she said.

As the night went on, though, it appeared as though her boyfriend just could not drop the topic– because later, he brought it up again and apparently started lecturing her.

More specifically, her boyfriend claimed that she needed to get out of her shell more. But she responded by saying that she was not required to do anything that she felt uncomfortable doing.

Her boyfriend wound up just saying, “Well, okay,” to that. However, he still did not quit there.

Instead, he started telling her that she actually needed to take a class on confidence. Before her boyfriend could get any more words in, though, she claimed that she had stopped him in his tracks.

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