She Stayed In Touch With Her Son’s Ex-Wife And His Ex-Wife’s Daughter After They Got Divorced, And Her Son Has Been Furious Ever Since He Found Out

Now, she really did not think any of this would be a problem. Just last week, though, all of that changed.

Apparently, it was Amy’s birthday. So, she decided to give Rachel money in order to purchase Amy a birthday present from her.

Rachel was very grateful, too, and bought and wrapped Amy a gift signed by her. Then, Rachel sent her a picture of Amy opening the gift.

Later that same day, though, her son Henry went to visit her. And while he was there, Amy called to thank her for the birthday gift.

So, her son ultimately found out that she was still in contact with his ex-wife, and he was really unhappy.

Apparently, Henry claimed that it was very inappropriate for her to still be speaking with Rachel and Amy– especially because Amy was not her biological granddaughter.

Her son also pointed out how she sees her biological granddaughter regularly.

“And that she is the only one who is family,” she added.

“So his ex-wife and Amy, who are no longer family, have no reason for me to be in contact with them.”

Quite frankly, though, she seriously disagrees. She claimed that she only ever speaks with Rachel about her granddaughter.

And since she has known Amy for the past 10 years, she still wants to treat Amy in the same way as her biological daughter.

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