She Told Her Father And Stepmom That They Were “Truly Horrible People” After They “Planned” To Take Custody Of Her Half-Sister Away From Her Ex-Stepmom

Brocreative - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When this 17-year-old girl was just 3, her mother lost full custody. So, she grew up living with her father and his wife at the time– who is now her ex-stepmom.

She claims that her ex-stepmom was always really great to her and helped her out whenever she was in trouble.

But, once her father and his ex-wife had a daughter– her half-sister– about six years ago, everything went downhill.

After her half-sister was born, her ex-stepmom started suffering from postpartum depression. At that same time, it came out that her father had been cheating with a coworker.

So, her ex-stepmom wound up having a mental breakdown and fleeing the country with her half-sister.

Then, after her ex-stepmom returned home about a week later, her father went to court in pursuit of full custody of her half-sister.

Now, she believes that her father’s ex-wife would have been granted split custody if the court had not found a large burn on her half-sister’s arm.

This, along with mental health and financial issues, caused her ex-stepmom to only be granted weekly visitation rights.

Brocreative – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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