She Used To Work In Luxury Retail, And Her Story About A Customer Just Goes To Show You Never Really Know Who The Richest Person In A Room Is

And even more surprisingly, the man paid in all cash. Nabrina’s colleagues were absolutely shocked. Hopefully, they learned their lesson about judging others!

This experience just added to Nabrina’s annoyance regarding retail workers not treating certain customers with respect or kindness just because of the way they look.

Rich or poor, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. People have value beyond their monetary wealth.

Several TikTok users agreed with Nabrina that appearances can be deceiving and shared similar stories in the comments section.

“Same. Our biggest client at a jewelry store dressed like a hobo and would crouch by his vehicle in the parking lot to smoke,” wrote one user.

“When I tried to make my first designer purchase, I had to wait for a sales associate for like 20 minutes, and no one wanted to give me the time of day,” commented another.

“A friend with a bad accent went to buy a new Cadillac. Dealer refused to let him test drive it. Long story short, he has now purchased 4 Lincolns,” wrote a third.


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