She Uses Literal Washed-Off Eyeliner As Part Of Her Fabulous Makeup Looks

makistock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This is a question for all of the makeup fans out there! Have you noticed that after wearing dark eyeliner for a day, there’s still a little bit left over after you wash your face?

Sometimes it looks really pretty, like you strategically went for a smudgy, smokey-eye look. 

Nykita Joy (@neoitgirl), a model and TikTok content creator, has started a viral makeup trend after revealing that she uses literal washed-off eyeliner as part of her fabulous makeup looks. 

“There’s a method to my madness,” said Nykita in her viral TikTok video before she went to wash off a ton of eyeliner that she had just applied to her face. 

Nykita then returns to the camera with lovely, thinly lined eyes to work with for the rest of her look. 

Nykita’s eyeliner trick is a simple one to follow. First, you apply a heavy amount of eyeliner in the color of your choice to your upper and lower lash-line before applying the rest of your makeup.

Then, you go to the bathroom and cleanse your face so that most of the eyeliner washes off.

You should be left with a “no-makeup makeup” eye look that will give you the definition an eyeliner provides without worrying about excessive smudging or uneven lines. 

Nykita follows up her eye trick with a lot of neutral-toned makeup and a light application of mascara, but you can use this trick for whatever kind of look you want!

makistock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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