She Uses Literal Washed-Off Eyeliner As Part Of Her Fabulous Makeup Looks

Nykita’s original video was posted in December 2022, but the eyeliner trick has resurfaced with other TikTok users posting themselves trying it out. 

“I don’t wear eyeliner like this ever, really,” said TikTok creator Jessica Clements (@jessicamclements) as she tried the eyeliner trick. 

“But I’m actually really liking this. It’s really cute.”

Jessica and other makeup creators have gone viral trying the handy eyeliner trick. As more people test it out, it’s important to remember who started this trend in the first place!

In a follow-up video, Nykita mentioned that barely any of the viral videos or news sources using her trend gave her credit as the originator. 

Nykita is a transgender woman and reminds viewers of how often transgender people and other members of the queer community often don’t get the credit they deserve for their influence on culture.


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