She Wants Her Own Bedroom In The 3-Bedroom Home She Is Buying With Her Fiancé, But Her Fiancé Wants To Use The 2 Extra Rooms As A Home Office And A Home Gym

But, it’s important to remember that their house has three bedrooms– meaning that aside from their shared bedroom, her fiancé was already making the second room into his home office for when he needs to work from home.

So, she pointed out how her fiancé had already staked his claim over one of the two extra spare rooms.

“And I should be allowed to use the other one for myself,” she argued.

She also tried to explain to her fiancé how she had been looking forward to having a space entirely to herself.

That way, she could have exclusive access and go in there to be by herself whenever she needed to be alone.

Her fiancé just did not understand her perspective, though, and claimed that the entire point of getting a home together was to share everything– not simply divvy up the space to coexist separately.

Afterward, her fiancé said that he would change his mind about the at-home gym if they agreed to use the space as a guest bedroom.

That way, they could both use the room whenever they wanted to have their own space.

Quite frankly, though, she admitted how that arrangement still made her feel like she would have to share.

“If I have a room to myself to use, and he wants to be alone at times, I can just go into my own room and give him the space he wants,” she vented.

She also noted how she and her fiancé plan to split all of their expenses 50-50. So, she really does not believe her request is unreasonable at all.

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