She Was Recently Cornered In The Parking Lot By A Scary Man In His Car And Had To Move Quickly To Avoid Potentially Getting Hurt

Svitlana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of my biggest fears while driving is getting trapped in my car and being put in a dangerous situation. 

A woman was recently cornered in a parking lot by a scary man in his car and had to move quickly to avoid potentially getting hurt. 

She recently moved back to her home state with her husband and was preparing to throw him a birthday party. One day, she headed to a local dollar store to gather some balloons and a card, but that specific location didn’t have any helium for the balloons.

So, she searched for a different dollar store online and headed to the nearest location. It took her to a sketchy part of town she didn’t recognize, which made her a bit anxious.  

“I told myself to be quick and vigilant,” she remembered. “I made note of all the cars around, and I parked as close to the front as I could.”

When she went inside the store, she kept tabs on everyone she saw there to be extra aware of her surroundings. However, things inside the store ended up being totally fine. There were no bad vibes, and she was able to get what she needed within five minutes. 

After leaving the store, she noticed that nothing about the parking lot had changed, and everything was how it was when she first pulled in. So she put the balloons in her car, got in, and locked the doors. But as soon as she turned on her engine, something totally unexpected happened. 

“Right as I turn on my engine, a car out of nowhere speeds up and blocks the whole front end of my car at an angle,” she explained. 

“The guy starts motioning me to roll down my window. I ignored him and tried to plan my escape, but a car was on my right, and another car was backing out, so I couldn’t reverse.”

Svitlana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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