She Was The Widower Of A Wealthy Linoleum Tycoon Who Vanished In 1949, And She Was Wearing $25,000 Worth Of Jewelry When She Went Missing

After a week passed by, though, it became clear that something had gone horribly wrong. And at that point, the authorities were contacted.

Once investigators arrived at Mimi’s home, they found every light left on– including those in the backyard. Her uneaten salad was still sitting on the dining table, and her car was still parked in the garage.

In the upstairs of her home, one of Mimi’s dresses was laid out on the bed– indicating she had been getting ready to meet up with that gentleman she mentioned to her business manager.

However, there was no evidence of a robbery or any clues suggesting where Mimi might have gone.

Investigators found no fingerprints in the home that did not belong to Mimi. Instead, the only potential clue they discovered was a postcard from Long Island in the 48-year-old’s mailbox.

“Olga gave me your news – Lillian,” the card read.

Authorities then learned that Olga was Mimi’s sister. But, when they asked Olga about the postcard, she had no clue what “news” the message was referring to or who Lillian even was.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) then began interviewing anyone and everyone who might have possibly spoken with Mimi. And eventually, they wound up speaking to a local furrier whom Mimi had talked to regarding the purchase of a new fur coat the week before her disappearance.

Apparently, she told the furrier that she needed to talk to her husband before placing a coat order. Being that Mimi was a widow, though, she clearly did not have a husband.

According to the furrier, she was quick to correct herself and finished the conversation by saying she would have to discuss the purchase with her family.

Now, this might have just been Mimi’s way of trying to get away from the salesman. However, she was reportedly the one who first showed interest in the coat.

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