She’s Teaching You How To Actually Win At A Claw Machine

The next tip is to use the double-tap method every time you play. When you have positioned the claw over your desired plushie, push the button, so the claw lowers for the toy.

Just as it reaches the toy, press the button again to make sure the claw fully grabs onto your prize.

Tip number four, know that every claw machine has a pay-out rate, meaning that after a certain number of plays, it is required to give you a prize.

“See if you can count how many times it takes someone to win, then you’ll know when to go on the machine and win the prize you saw,” said Lyssy.

“Every claw machine has its own settings, so it’s important to scout around you, see which ones people around you are winning.”

Next, if you ever come across a tower of plushies stacked on top of each other in a large pile, you can use the claw to knock them into the chute without having to grab them.

Finally, take note of the weight of the plushie. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to win. Heavier plushies are more likely to drop and are harder to pick up.

Use these arcade skills to become a winner!


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