These People Recently Discussed Their Favorite Parts About Being Married, And Their Responses Are Truly Heartwarming

romannoru - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Many Millenials and Gen Zers have sworn off marriage– citing antiquated ideals, unstable social and political landscapes, and intimidating divorce rates as reasons not to tie the knot.

Plus, with the dating scene rapidly changing– normalizing casual partnerships and “situationships” more than ever before– marriage is no longer the “end goal” for everyone.

And unfortunately, this has left some young people hanging in the balance.

Perhaps they grew up picturing a loving marriage with children, a nice house, and a pretty white picket fence. At the same time, though, they see the opposing argument and realize how difficult marriage can really be.

If you can relate and would like some renewed hope that marriage is not all bad, some Redditers recently took to the internet to share their favorite parts about being married. And honestly, the responses are truly heartwarming– and may even get you to reconsider your “no marriage” stance.

A Spouse Is Like A Built-In Best Friend

“Having someone to share day-to-day life with.”


“Having someone to share moments with– good, bad, or weird.”

romannoru – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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