This Adorable Tooth Fairy Hack Is Something Every Parent Needs To Know About

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Your child’s first lost tooth is an important milestone to celebrate. For this momentous occasion, you’ll want to commemorate it with something special. Instead of giving them plain old cash, try jazzing it up with some glitter.

And don’t start your groaning quite yet. We know glitter is a controversial topic, but we’re not talking about loads of it.

Just enough to incorporate a little sparkle and give a touch of magic to the experience without making a big mess.

Tooth fairy visits are often made in the dark of night, and with very little notice, so you want to make sure your plans are executed successfully.

TikTok creator @mommasociety is reminding all the parents of youngsters out there to prepare for the tooth fairy’s visit by gathering the necessary supplies in advance.

Parents, the magic of the tooth fairy is in your hands, so if you want to create memories that your children will look back on fondly, here’s what you can do to be the best tooth fairy ever.

Before your child even has a wiggly tooth, build up a tooth fairy supply kit. Then, you don’t have to panic and scramble to throw something together when the time comes.

The kit can include dollar bills, glitter, and other little trinkets that go with a tooth fairy theme.

With all the methods for electronic payments nowadays, people don’t seem to have any cash on hand anymore.

vetre – – illustrative purposes only

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