This Dad Says He’s Definitely Landing In A Nursing Home Over These Funny Lies He Has Told His Child

And finally, the last lie that Kolter tells his daughter is that the TV went to bed. Parents can only take so much of the same show or movie on repeat. When you need to cut off your kid’s screen time without causing a fuss, this is the way to do it.

“I’m actually surprised she bought this one, especially at 3 PM, but after four episodes of Bluey, Daddy needs a break,” Kolter concluded.

Several parents felt compelled to share the lies they tell their kids, and some of them got pretty creative!

“I told my oldest we got her from the hospital, but I still have her receipt and can still return her when she’s horrible,” commented one user.

“I tell my two-year-old that my Switch went to bed. He says goodnight to it,” wrote another.

“I told my toddler snakes aren’t real because she’s afraid of them, lol,” wrote a third.


I’m 100% going to a nursing home #parenting #toddlersoftiktok #dadsoftiktok

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