This Dog Trainer Is Giving You 3 Pro Tips For Improving Your Walk

grki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Going for a walk is probably the best part of your dog’s day. Dogs always perk up when they catch a whiff of the outdoors.

There’s just so much to sniff out there in the big, wide world! If you’re a new pet parent, you might think walking a dog is pretty simple.

I mean, the concept seems really self-explanatory. And all you need to do is strap on a leash and head out the door, right?

Well, although it sounds relatively straightforward, the truth is that an enjoyable and successful walk with your pup requires some training.

TikToker Alex (@dogfather360) is a dog trainer, and he’s giving you three pro tips that will change the game for your walks.

He also notes in the caption of his video that these tips are for after your dog has had their enrichment time and gone to the bathroom. The first tip is what Alex calls the “no bunch rule.”

“Do not bundle up your leash in the expectation that you’re going to teach your dog to not move from that spot. You’re creating a tense mind and, therefore, a tense body,” described Alex.

Instead, hold the leash in the hand opposite from the side your dog is walking on, creating a U-shape with the leash.

Next is the “one-side rule.” Does your dog tend to wander around while you’re walking together, causing the leash to tangle?

grki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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