This NYC Bookstore Will Trade You A Jar of Pickles For Used Books

Seventyfour - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What if I told you that a bookstore in New York City will trade you used books for pickles?

That’s right, Sweet Pickle Books is a rare and clever bookstore that sells pickles and books on the same shelves.

Opened in 2020 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Sweet Pickle Books has taken the internet by storm for its cute and cozy aesthetic and unique sales items. Leigh Altshuler opened the store after losing her job during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leigh combined two of her favorite things – books and making pickles, to open Sweet Pickle Books. 

From the beginning, Sweet Pickle Books has only sold used books. They sell various used books with genres ranging from fiction to photography. One of the sustainable ways the store is able to acquire more used books to put on its shelves is through donations from the community.

Here’s one of the best parts about the donation experience at Sweet Pickle Books if you live in the New York area and are trying to get rid of some used books:

Twice a week, people can bring in their used books in exchange for any jar of Leigh’s homemade pickles! Visitors must bring in at least four used books that are still in good condition with intact covers and no pet or water damage.

Then, they can take home a jar of pickles! Isn’t that a great deal? The three styles of pickles sold at the bookstore are bread and butter, dill, and spicy.

The bookstore has become a phenomenon on apps like TikTok, especially after pop megastar Harry Styles was seen enjoying the store a while back.

Seventyfour – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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