10 Words You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Not Pronouncing Properly

dinachi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

English is one of the most challenging languages to learn. People studying English often get confused by the language’s many linguistic inconsistencies.

The English language features a massive vocabulary, tricky pronunciation, and grammatical rules that seem kind of random.

Even super intelligent native English speakers unknowingly get words wrong from time to time. Here are ten commonly mispronounced words and how to say them correctly so you can improve your level of communication.


First up is acai. I didn’t even know where to begin in tackling this word. It seemed utterly unpronounceable. Is it ah-KAI or ah-SIGH?

Nope. It’s ah-sigh-EE. When acai bowls became an Instagram sensation, you better believe we all finally learned how to pronounce it accurately.


English speakers borrowed this word from the French. Of course, when it’s a French word, people tend to try to jazz it up and say it like foy-AY.

But truthfully, it’s actually pronounced just how it looks: FOY-ur.

dinachi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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