10 Words You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Not Pronouncing Properly


I have heard this word spoken incorrectly so many times in my life, even by teachers and other educated professionals.

People always throw in an additional I at the end. But don’t make the same mistake. It’s MIS-chiv-ous and not anything else.


I can bet you that this isn’t pronounced with a second “r” at the end of the word. The right way to say it is Sher-BET.


No, it’s not “hyper bowl.” That’s only three syllables, and hyperbole has four. You say it like, hy-PER-ba-lee.


This word is actually pronounced STAY-tus, not STAH-tus. Sorry, I won’t be changing my ways with this one.


Larvae is derived from Latin, so it’s LAR-vee, not LAR-vay. So, unfortunately, your science teacher probably got it wrong.

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