After Dealing With A Lot Of Family Conflict, He’s Deciding To Only Invite His Dad To His Engagement Party And Not His Mom

He was not enthused about attending her second wedding and didn’t want to go, as he wasn’t comfortable with supporting her new marriage. But then, he started receiving some heavy guilt-tripping from his mom. 

He described his mom as a sort of hypocrite, as she has always been very judgmental of others and tells people to “do the right thing.” Yet, she was very supportive of Bella’s second wedding and wanted him to go. 

“She got livid and said I need to be there in support as a family,” he recalled.

“I said if she would pay my ticket, my hotel, and all my other expenses to come home, then I would. But I’m not dropping a grand to come home for a cheater’s second wedding within three years.”

His mom was furious with him and told him she wouldn’t pay for his ticket, even though she had enough money to finance Bella’s second wedding. 

Since then, he’s been on bad terms with his mom and sisters. He didn’t go to Bella’s second wedding, and his mom has been giving him the silent treatment. When he started dating Madi, he had to block them on social media, as they would comment mean things on the pictures he posted of them. 

Therefore, his dad is the only person from his immediate family he plans on inviting to his engagement party and the upcoming wedding. 

“My dad is the only one I keep in contact with, so that’s why he’s getting a solo invite,” he said.

“He wants the drama to end and thinks me giving a solo invite puts him in a losing spot.”

Now, his dad is unsure what to do because he doesn’t want to worsen any tensions involving his mom. 

Do you think not inviting his mom to his engagement party is a bad idea?

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