After Going Out To Eat, She Was Shocked To See A Charge For Employee Health Benefits On Her Receipt

Not only do Americans have all these extra copays and deductibles to pay out of their own pockets, but now in some cases, they’re also paying for other people’s healthcare. This is precisely why many people are outraged.

“I would refuse to pay. That ain’t my responsibility,” said one person.

“Nope. I’d be deducting that much from the total and giving the waitress their tip in cash. Call the cops. I didn’t agree to this charge,” wrote a second.

Dining out isn’t cheap, and service charges can really rack up the bill. While they’re meant to help out waiters and serve as a cushion for bad tippers, do you think the responsibility of ensuring that restaurant workers are paid a living wage should fall on your shoulders?

You can see the original video on TikTok here.

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