After Her Dad Agreed To Pay $1,0000 So Her Sister Could Join A Sorority In College, She Got Into An Argument With Him Because He Never Supports Her Interests

Evgenia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you grew up with siblings, you’ve most likely had a moment where you’ve wondered which one is your parent’s ‘favorite.’ Some people have witnessed blatant favoritism from their parents, and others don’t see it as much. 

One young woman is feeling left out and unappreciated after her dad started giving more money and attention to her younger sister.

She’s 20-years-old, and her sister is 18. They’re both college students, and their parents have been financially supporting them through school. She and her sister are very different people. Her sister is very into being social and outgoing, while she’s more introverted and quiet. 

Their different personalities have unfortunately affected the relationship she has with her dad. Her sister and dad have connected more over the years, as they share more of the same interests, which makes him very proud. 

Over the years, she’s noticed that her dad is more likely to buy things for her sister to support her interests. Unfortunately, he doesn’t often do the same for her. For instance, her sister got into running, and her dad bought all sorts of clothes and shoes she needed.

But when she took up figure skating and wanted to get her own pair of skates, her dad didn’t mention anything about helping her get some.

She’s also an artist and has been into making art for a long time, but her dad never gifted her any supplies or materials.

She recently got into an argument with her dad after he agreed to pay a large amount of money so her sister could join a sorority in college. Her sister wants to join a sorority and will have to pay around $1,000 in dues. Their dad is going to pay all of it for her.

“In my opinion, this is a lot of money to be spending for a social club. I have no desire to join a sorority, as I’m not really into drinking, partying, etc.,” she explained.

Evgenia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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