After She Found Out That Her Son Was Being Bullied By His Classmates, She Let Him Stay Home From School The Next Day, And She Took Him On A Fun Trip Instead

But many more TikTok users sent an outpouring of support and kind words in the comments section.

“Tell him there are worse things you can be. Like being those kids’ parents! I’d be so embarrassed if my kids took part in this so-called survey!” exclaimed one user.

“I’m so glad his principal made you aware of the situation ’cause that’s not always the case. For some kids, it just gets swept under the rug by admin,” commented another.

“Those kids do those things because they feel bad about themselves; he’s perfect in every way,” wrote a third.


Got a call from the principal yesterday, informing me that a large group of kids were “taking a survey as to whether or not my son was gay.” After calming the mama bear insode me, I decided to keep him home from school today, and take him to @Dave & Buster’s. Little brother has early release today, so I gave him the option of going later, just me and him, or taking his brother too. Not only did he choose to take his brother, he waited for the bus, for over half an hour, so he could tell his brother. ?#MyHeart #FYP #Family #BoyMom

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