At A Pool Party Recently, One Of His Friends Expected His Girlfriend To Cover Up More Because His Girlfriend’s Beauty Was Making His Friend Jealous

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Have you ever been asked to stop doing something for the sake of someone else’s feelings?

One man and his girlfriend recently upset some friends at a pool party when she wouldn’t cover up her revealing bathing suit, which was making a new mom jealous. 

He’s 30-years-old and is in a relationship with his 26-year-old girlfriend, Alex. He and Alex were invited by his group of friends to a pool party barbecue in one of their backyards.

One of his friends that was invited to the pool party was Christine. Christine is 37-years-old and just had a baby.

Unfortunately, she developed really intense postpartum depression, so she was really dependent on the pool party to lighten her mood. 

Alex is a bit different from the rest of the bunch, as she’s a model and influencer. She tends to turn heads wherever she goes with her beauty, and when she walked into the pool party, it was no exception. 

Everyone was wearing their average swimming gear, but he said Alex “stole the show” in her bikini. 

“She didn’t wear anything too revealing or inappropriate, but it did turn heads,” he said. 

While Alex was swimming and he was chatting with some friends, one of his friends named Jane pulled him aside. Jane asked if he could get Alex to cover up her body a bit more, as she was making Christine upset.

Stock PK – – illustrative purposes only

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