Did You Know There’s A Theme Park In California Where Instead Of Wearing Mouse Ears, You Can Wear A Garlic Bulb?

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Did you know that there’s a theme park in California where instead of wearing mouse ears on top of your head, you can wear a garlic bulb?

Gilroy Gardens is a theme park that opened in Gilroy, California, known as the ‘garlic capital of the world,’ in 2001. Formerly known as Bonfante Gardens, the theme park was built and designed by Michael Bonfante.

Michael’s father founded the successful supermarket chain Nob Hill Foods, which he inherited in the 1970s.

Michael had a love for trees and started looking into running a nursery in the early 80s. When his tree nursery business failed, he had the idea of creating a tree-covered garden-themed amusement park for a younger crowd.

Michael wanted to design and create a theme park that celebrates and educates people on horticulture. After selling Nob Hill Foods, he opened Bonfante Gardens in 2001, and its name was changed to Gilroy Gardens in February 2007.

The park is whimsical, adorable, and surrounded by stunning trees and plants. In addition to being surrounded by actual nature, many of the rides in the theme park are plant related, like the infamous ‘Garlic Twirl’ where you can spin around in a giant garlic bulb.

There’s also a set of swings that hang off a giant capped mushroom.

Visitors can also take a boat ride around the beautiful Rainbow Gardens, filled with colorful flowers and topiaries.

Any good theme park also offers some tasty snacks and treats, which Gilroy Gardens has covered.

Moving Moment – – illustrative purposes only

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