Everyone Always Talks About Red Flags When It Comes To Dating, But What About Red Flags In Friends?

ivanko80 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It feels really common for people to talk about ‘red flags’ when it comes to dating, but what about when it comes to friendships?

Anastazia Dupee (@stazzylicious), a TikTok creator and influencer, recently gave her viewers three examples of red flags to look out for in friends. If you’re having a tough time with one of your friends, these may sound familiar.

Number one has to do with friends and their romantic partners. Anastazia warns you to avoid friends who treat you like you don’t exist the second they enter a new relationship. 

“They don’t call, they don’t text, they’re gone,” she explains. “Not a good friend.”

The next red flag is when you find yourself friends with someone who has “something negative to say about everyone around them.”

Anastazia makes a good point, saying that if you know someone who is always speaking poorly about other people, chances are, they’re saying bad things about you behind your back. Who would want to be around all of that negativity anyway?

Finally, the final red flag is related to jealousy. Specifically, if a friend gets jealous anytime you hang out with someone new. 

“I know it can sound endearing initially,” says Anastazia. “But if it keeps going, it’s a red flag.”

TikTok users added many additional “friendship red flags” in the comments section of Anastazia’s video. 

ivanko80 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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