Flavored Water Has Been All Over TikTok, And Here’s How She Makes What She Calls Nerds Ocean Water

“The Nerds packet plays really well with the ocean one. It like tones down some of the coconut flavor in the Ocean Water, which that’s what I wasn’t really loving in the first place,” said Keely.

TikTok users are divided over the flavored water trend. Many people showed enthusiasm in the comments section, but others didn’t understand the hype around it.

“You should try crystal light raspberry lemonade! I found it at my Walmart!” suggested one user.

“When I bought the ocean water packets, I was drinking THREE Stanley’s full a day,” revealed another.

“Don’t Americans enjoy plain water I’m so confused,” commented a third.

“I think this water trend is the final straw in the downfall of society,” chimed in someone else.

What do you think? Will you be participating in the new water trend?


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