FYI: Trauma Does Not Excuse Hurting Those Around You 

Just because these reactions are understandable, though, does not mean they are justifiable for you acting hatefully, cruelly, or selfishly to those around you. And if you recognize these behavior patterns impacting your relationships, it may be best to practice some self-reflection and acknowledge that hurting the people you love is not the answer.

At the same time, our trauma should not make other people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around us. Of course, this might be unavoidable in the period immediately following a traumatic event. But, as time goes on, you cannot expect everyone to adjust their behavior based on only your emotions.

It simply is not fair, and if you really want to have healthy relationships with your loved wants, it is up to you to work on managing your own moods and attitudes.

I am not saying you have to do any of this alone, either. Rather, it is actually extremely beneficial to seek professional help and support whenever you need it.

Trauma is nothing to joke around with, and unfortunately, it can spiral out of control and begin impacting countless areas of your life if it is not addressed.

So, if you catch yourself taking your own hurt out on others, it might be best to reach out for help.

Throughout this process, you can also practice transparency and honesty. Openly communicate how your trauma might be impacting you and ask for patience from loved ones while you heal.

Moving on from a traumatic event is seldom an easy or short process, but working to overcome your trauma will remove any barriers preventing you from maintaining a great relationship with yourself and those around you.

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