He Disowned His Son And Refused To Help Him Buy A Home, Even Though He Helped His Other 3 Children Out In This Way

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This dad has a tradition in his family that when any of his children celebrate their 22nd birthday, he helps them purchase their own home by giving them money.

He doesn’t exactly want his kids moving back home after college, and so he thinks helping them buy a house also helps them to maintain their independence as adults.

He has 4 children in total, and when his oldest two children turned 22, he helped them both purchase homes of their own.

When his third child, his son, turned 22, he didn’t do the same for him, as he actually disowned him 2 years prior to that.

As for why he disowned his son, his son had a baby, which he abandoned completely. He describes his son as a complete “deadbeat,” and so after his son abandoned his daughter, that caused him to cut contact with him.

Now, he has a wonderful relationship with his granddaughter, who is now 15, and although his granddaughter’s mom has full custody of her, his granddaughter spends a ton of time at his house, and he also pays for anything she needs.

Around a year ago, he was able to repair his relationship with his son, and he believes they’re in an alright place today.

Recently, he found out that his son is having some money issues, and because of that, will have to “downgrade to a smaller home.”

This has really been troubling his son, and his son even asked if he could help him out. He simply told his son that he doesn’t have money to help, though.

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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